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Burgess Propane Fogger 1443

We are proud to be the Australian distributor of Burgess pest control equipment!

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Clear large areas quickly
  • Powered by propane bottles
  • Fog floats and penetrates trees, shrubs and foliage for greater effect

Use with pyrethrum to be effective on:

  • Mosquitos (Mozzies), Midges, Flies, Sand flies
  • Aphids, Ants, Cabbage Moths and other Caterpillars
  • Earwigs, Leafhoppers, Thrips and White flies
  • Silver fish, moths, cockroaches, grain weevils, spiders, earwigs, beetles
  • Other flying insects

Insect Fogger Operation:
Igniting the propane gas heats a coil with a high surface area, pulling the trigger pumps the carrier solution through the coil which is then heated and turned into a fog which carries the pesticide or chemical. The fog can rise to over 3m in height and has good penetration of gardens, shrubs, hedges, trees and other foliage. Note, this fogger is for outdoor use and should not be used in confined spaces.

What to use in the insect fogger:
We recommend the use of natural pyrethrum / pyrethrin for control of mosquitoes and other flying insects. For the carrier solution use ordinary diesel. A good mix to start with is 10mL of Scintex pyrethrum concentrate with 1L of diesel. For larger pests such as spiders and cockroaches a higher concentration can be used.

Where to buy the propane canisters:
The propane cans used with this fogger are available and easy to find at camping stores. These can be sourced at Bunnings, Supercheap Auto, Tradetools to name a few. Coleman also offers a suitable canister.

Here are the propane canisters used by the fogger. In order, Coleman camping propane can from BCF, Bunnings Benzomatic Propane, Tradetools Propane canister

Fogger Specification   -   Value
Fuel Type:      Disposable propane canisters
Category:      Thermal fogging
Weight:         1.25kg (dry)
Dimensions:  17.5 x 39.4 x 28.4 cm
Chemical tank volume:    1.2L
Chemical usage:     Approx. 0.5L / hr
Warranty:   12 Months