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Long-life, Lithium-ion battery powers your cordless fogger into the future!

Ideal for spraying disinfectants & sanitisers.
This fogger is perfect for domestic users as well as professional contractors. Boasting up to 2hrs of cordless continuous working time, it is ample for treating houses, apartments, backyards and small acreage. Not limited to just pesticides, this fogger can also be used for air freshening and commercial cleaning, sanitation disinfecting, mold control and humidity control. The fogger works through high-speed airflow, which "atomises" the carrier fluid, creating droplets in the 30 to 50 micron range, generating a large active fog area. The unit can be shoulder mounted or left unattended while it treats an area. Mounting the unit to four wheel motorcycles, ATV's or utilities, provides further mobility.

Long Continuous Fogger Play Time
One of the major advantages with the age of battery innovation is that the application is finding its way in many products. This unit is powered by the latest lithium-ion battery technology ensuring a long continuous run time of up to 2hrs, all the while weighing a mere 3kg for easy portability.

ULV Fogger Applications
Spraying disinfectants and sanitisers
Mosquito, midges and sand fly fogging
Pest and insect fogging
Herbicide dispensing and fogging
Sanitation and disinfecting
Agricultural and farm use
Garden and acreage fogging
Dispensing herbicides
Misting farm animals and piggeries
Public offices
Educational facilities
Commercial buildings
Lithium-ion battery fogger key features:
Up to 2 hrs continuous work time
Light weight ergonomic design
Adjustable liquid output rate
Adjustable fog particle size
Large chemical tank capacity
Battery power makes the unit very simple to use compared to thermal, gas and petrol powered units. Just turn the power on and you are away!
Long life lithium-ion battery and fast charger included
Cold fogging means a range of chemicals can be used as they will not be heat degraded.
Ideal not just for mosquito and insect control, this system is also highly effective for use with disinfectants, sanitizers and herbicides.
Low maintenance.

ULV Fogger
Power 350W
Power Draw 6.6A
Battery 14.8V DC, 15AH
Output 330mL / min
Spray Range 3 - 7 m
Chemical Tank Volume 5L
Particle Size 30 - 50 Microns
Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 540mm (L) x 195mm (W) x 270mm (H)
Includes Service Kit
Warranty 12 months