2Box Drumit5 Series Electronic Drum Kit - D5K Kit

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It Five is built around a high-strength, low-weight pad / cymbal and stand system. - It Five trigger system offers low latency triggering and great dynamic range, while the sounds are delivered at 44100Hz by 24-bit digital-to-analog converters. Cast in aluminum and ranging from 8"-14", the quiet rubber heads were designed to mimic the rebound feel of a real kit. The acoustic sound level from these heads is minimal. The revolutionary Floating Rim features an independent rim trigger as well as a main head sensor. Both triggers in the pad are connected to one input on the unit via a stereo trigger cable. - Featuring the same silent rubber surface of the cymbals, the Drum - It hi-hat works the same as a conventional acoustic hi-hat, i.e. a movable playing surface. Built-in sensors enable the hi-hat to reproduce the broad sound palette inherent to a hi-hat. Likewise, the multi-zone, chokeable and silicon rubber cymbals are also free to swing when struck. They also include all natural zones of - Pads: 8- to 14-inch sizes equipped with specially designed Drum - It rubber heads - Separate rim trigger - Multi-zone cymbals: Chokeable three zone cymbals: cup, bow and edge, mounted as traditional cymbals - Hi-Hat: Special hi-hat controller - Unit: 10 dual-function trig inputs, ( max 15 independent trig channels), 2 audio line-in, 6 audio line out plus headphones (8 total), USB (full-speed), MIDI in and out, 17 x 4 plus 20 x 4 character LCD, 10 channel buttons, 8 system buttons, 3 rotary dials, 1 volume knob, 4 GB Flash memory, external power supply - Kits: 100 fully editable kits - Sounds: Recorded in multi channel multi-layer mode, mixed down to stereo Drum - It sounds. User sounds can be created from any wave, aiff or rex files - Editor: PC/Mac software for editing drum kits on the computer and (in a later revision) editing Drum - It sounds or create multi-sampled user sounds from wav, aiff or rex files. - Stand: Rack stand system (proprietary design), brackets are compatible with various other rack stand system on the market. Separate hi-hat craddle