Aqua Products AZMAMBA Mamba Suction Pool Cleaner

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The Aquabot Mamba Suction Side Pool Cleaner easily connects to your skimmer and vacuums your pool’s floor and walls. This pool cleaner is suitable for in ground or above ground swimming pools of any shape and works for vinyl, gunite/concrete, fiberglass, and tile surfaces. The Mamba uses the flow created by your existing pool pump and captures debris as it moves around your swimming pool using its dual suction design. The Aquabot Mamba ensures your pool stays clear of dirt and debris. Its dual suction design ensures that your filtration system gets all the help it needs to intake water and debris making your pool clean. Use the Mamba Suction Side Pool Cleaner by Aquabot to keep your in ground or above ground pool crystal clear! 32' of hose included