L'Equip Black Coway JuicePresso Vertical Slow Juicer 301100

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•    150-watts, low speed induction DC motor 40-RPMS
•    Includes two juice beakers, strainer with dual edge screen, rotating brush, and cleaning brush
•    Pressing Auger, safe to handle no sharp edges
•    3 setting options: On, Off & Rev (reverse) plus safety switch
•    Continuous extraction system, automatically ejects the peels & pulp as it juices
•    10-year warranty on the motor

The L'Equip Coway JuicePresso Vertical Slow Juicer features a unique extraction system which uses a 2-step low speed juicing process that extracts maximum nutrients from fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and nuts. During the first process, the juice is gently pressed through a crushing phase. Before the pulp is extracted, it is gently squeezed. This process minimizes the heat that causes separation and keeps the nutritious enzymes, minerals and vitamins intact.

Item: 301100